MaxPower Godric, original owner, met Shauna Kelberry in December of 2012 and they were married November 7, 2014. Together they have molded Acoustic Cave into the award winning venue it is today. Acoustic Cave moved from the original warehouse site to the current grassy ocean-front location June 19, 2013. During the years they have had several different themed venue setups (Madre Gras, Winterland, etc…) but always returning to the ocean front.

Our Story

Acoustic Cave has received several awards and has been nominated for many others. In 2016 Acoustic Cave was selected as the Avi Choice in two categories (Favorite Live Music Venue and Favorite venue, Sr.) by the fans of Second Life.

Acoustic Cave will continue bringing you great music and fun times… living up to their moto “Dedicated for the love of live music in Second Life.”

Over the years many performers have come and gone but they made sure to offer you the best performers in Second Life. There have been 163 different singers who have performed at Acoustic Cave with 12 currently on the schedule.